HC-800G HC-801G App Firmware

9/17/2019 12:55:26 PM

HC-800G HC-801G App Firmware

This firmware is used to Suntek HC-800G and HC-801G  new 2.4'' screen version only.

HC-800G HC-801G App Firmware For 2.0'' Screen Version

This firmware is used to Suntek HC-800G and HC-801G 2.0'' screen version only.

There are 3 steps to proceed system update.

Step1:  unzip the .rar file and copy the FWR8012.bin to your memory card( format or delete other files firstly)
Step2:  power switch from off to TEST, then there will be red LED keep flashing for 10 seconds.
Step3: camera screen will light up after the red flashing,  format SD card and restart the camera.

After the firmware update, there will be Scene Mode in system menu, you can scan iOS or Android QR code to download App (Suntekcam), then use the App to scan the Device ID to add the camera into App

Note: When you make a firmware update, your camera will not support mmsconfig application, but support the App only.

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